What is Domain Authority - Nowadays, more and more web owners who want to increase the DA PA of their website use black hat search engine optimization techniques or perhaps use white hat SEO techniques. Increasing web domain authority actually has a technique. But now I see many search engine optimization experts out there who do not increase DA PA of the web properly or directly.

The meaning of the technique that is not correct here, they use and falsify the position of Moz and Ahref by shooting or hanging Google redirect backlinks. In this case, the Google redirect type back-link has no effect on the ranking keywords on Google.

If you are very familiar with the world of the web or articles, you are definitely no stranger to positioning in the search engine tracking results. A blog that is in the top position or position actually has an advantage. Their blog has a great opportunity to be visited by all users who are looking for this data.

What is Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority (DA) is a blog metric created by Moz. This is one of the most important values ​​for SEO. The bigger your DA, the more likely you are to have strong highways and have a high position.

Is the domain name something you can exchange, or has someone assigned that value? I really believe that there are effective things you can do to increase the number of these special meanings.

Apart from having visitors or increasing traffic, being in the top position can increase people's awareness of the products you sell. This problem is especially very dangerous for those who have a business. So how? Want to learn how to contribute to the domain authority blog you have? Nevertheless, we immediately study everything related to domain authority from the first to the last.

Define elements of blog position

Now that you know what is meant by domain authority and page authority, it's time to learn how to make sure that a blog (either the whole or just one page of a blog) can rank first on the search engine results page. to be . Try to see a number of the following points below.

1. Number of traffic

A blog is said to have a good position because that blog has been visited by many people. If there are more and more people, then actually the data or content contained in it is found to be functional and useful. In other words, the content in the blog has quality content.

2. Content quality

Continuing with the previous point, the blog that many internet users visit says that the content in the blog is quality content. Has a quality that aims to have a meaning that contains data and information that works for those who read it.

Purposeful content doesn't always have to include writing. Good content can be in the form of images, parables, videos, audio or other places that can help the readers or users to know what the purpose of each information is.

3. There are internal links

Have you ever seen text followed by blue and underlined while reading an article? If so, have you ever clicked on the text that follows it? That's right, if you click on the text followed by blue and outlined, you will definitely be taken to a blog page.

There are two types of recommendations for this blog. Some lead to our blog and lead to other people's blogs that we want peace. Internal link calls are calls of 1 or a number of words that have been followed, which have the role of bringing the user to another blog page belonging to that blog.

4. There are external links

The opposite of internal links, external links are one or several words that have been followed and have the function of bringing the user to another party's blog page. Recommendations on other blogs are important if you want to inform users who read your writing that the writing you have done in such a way has real content and is not just based on your own conclusions or thoughts.

5. Number of contents

On average, a blog has several pages that contain different data. These sections are separated on different existing pages, so that people visiting the blog can find the data they are looking for according to the groupings that have been made.

The more sections or pages on your blog, the more search engines will analyze your blog to become a quality blog because of the amount of content created on that blog. The amount of content on a blog means that the blog is well managed and active. It is the liveliness of this blog that brings a blog to the very top position on the search engine results page.

6. Engagement rate

Engagement rate is a value obtained from the number of relations that appear on that blog. This problem can be measured by the number of people who visit your blog. Not only visits, but the time or duration of time someone spends on your blog is also taken into account.

For example, you open the ABCD blog to find out the latest news. If you first read for a while, but then spend one to two hours, then it means that you enjoy what is written on the blog. In fact, the data of the blog is so attractive that it can keep you on the blog for several hours.

Not only that, if the number of people subscribing to your blog is increasing every day, week and month, this also means that the blog's engagement rate tends to be high. If the engagement rate of a blog is high, then the algorithm on the search engine will analyze if the blog is found to be functioning, therefore if it is displayed in the first row on the search engine then there will be more people who can find answers to their questions.

7. SEO Friendly

When reviewing a blog, SEO cannot be separated from it. A good blog must be SEO friendly. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to increase traffic on a blog. The blog that is described as SEO friendly is a blog that is easy to use by its users.

A fast loading process, an attractive and pleasing design to look at, and having answers to questions that users are looking for are some of the signs of a blog that is SEO friendly. The average SEO starts by placing the correct keywords and is the same as the contents of the writing written in the article.

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Techniques to Increase Da PA Domain Authority and Web Blog Page Authority

If we look at the various factors that determine the position of a blog, in fact we just have to add or upgrade the blog that we have with what has been described above. From the information that has been explained, we can also conclude that a blog that can be at the first level in the search engine results page is a blog that answers the needs of its users.

If the user feels saved by the presence of the blog, then it is very likely that the blog will be in the first line. Search engines have algorithms that have been programmed in such a way as to help users find the answers they need. If your blog has not yet entered the top position even though it has been used for a long time, this article is for you.

1. Content Quality

The quality of the content that you create must be of good quality. We can mention content with good quality in two points:

Attractive Design

The word "interesting", most likely sounds very cliche. However you clearly know what is meant by an attractive design. Indeed, the standard of "attractive" that each person has is different. But creating a blog with an attractive design can start with a design that is not messy and easy on the eye.

You can use a number of colors that are one tone or also only use one color so that your blog looks simple. Now, some people also prefer the simplest blog designs such as having a white color and having a good readable color and font type. Those 3 things are enough to make your blog interesting.

Avoid using colors that collide and stand out. The various colors can disrupt the panorama of people who witness it. Most importantly, match each color well so that people who see it can feel comfortable. Not only that, an attractive design is not just about the arrangement of colors and writing.

More than that, the design talks about the blog scheme contained on that blog. Make sure that your blog layout is neat and has been categorized according to the existing category. So for example, which one do you choose from the following 2 blogs?

Blogs that have a number of groupings.

Blogs where there are several types of data on a page without grouping.

Surely you can point to the A, right? Think about if you have to find the data you need on a blog page with a lot of data. It could be great if the data you need is right at the very beginning of the text, but what happens when the data you need is at the very bottom of the text?

Couldn't you spend a lot of time scrolling that blog all the way down to the very bottom? Not to mention if you ignore the side you're looking for because you're already so dizzy looking at so many and uncategorized posts.

It really bothers you a lot, doesn't it? Therefore, you can't just think about a blog scheme. If your blog looks neat, lots of people will definitely come to your blog often.

Useful Contents

The point above will also be useless if you don't have content that works. You must ensure that your blog does not only contain conclusions and thoughts, but must contain reality.

Lacking reality and data, your blog lacks the integrity required by users looking for data. Be sure to provide reality and data for each article you write down. These problems can add to the integrity of your blog in the eyes of users and tracking engines.

2. Make the Blog Active

Don't stop at the first point, you have to create an active blog. Active, which aims to be a blog that inspires new content and changes the blog version. Content that is created can be at risk for increasing visitors (or traffic) and making your blog indexed in search engine databases and risking your blog's SEO.

If this problem occurs, then your DA and PA scores are really high. Changing your blog (design, specs or article writing) can make the blog re-indexed by search engines. Therefore, your blog will not feel out of date, because old blogs will not appear in the first position on the search engine results page.

3. Use Internal Links

Entering some links from your other blog pages can serve to increase your DA and PA. The link that is saved or the one you signed, it would be better if it was a blog page link that has an object related to that article. Entering two to three links is enough to increase your score and position in search engines.

On average, blog pages that do not include internal links will be in the very bottom row. In other words, DA and PA scores can go down. Therefore, remember to include a number of links as your recommendations or suggestions to visitors or readers.

4. Use Back-links

In addition to entering links to your other blog pages, entering blog links belonging to other parties can also help you increase DA and PA. Include quality external links that make your blog more valid and trustworthy.

External links or back-links also increase the engagement rate or social signals from your blog. When you refer to other blogs, your blog can also be referred to by other blogs with related objects. The number of sharing or recommendations increases, so your DA and PA scores also increase.

5. On-Page SEO Optimization

SEO optimization means increasing the quality of the content that you create on a page of your blog. This issue aims to make your article more related and searchable by users. The things you can do to do SEO optimization are the following:

Use meta tags, meta titles and meta descriptions. This problem is carried out by placing keywords related to your article in the title, meta tags and meta description, so that search engine algorithms can find your blog.

Use a writing arrangement that helps readers while reading your writing. This problem is executed by using the same heading as the points you want to highlight.

Use short and simple permalinks, so search engine algorithms can also find your blog.

6. Increase Blog Page Speed

If your blog design has been made well, now you have to make sure that your blog can be opened in an instant and doesn't take long. Please try to think about it. If you open a blog to search for a data, but the blog only gives a white appearance for 10 minutes.

You've been waiting a long time, right? When there is a blog that has a process containing old pages, we will immediately close the blog page and look for another blog. If so, isn't it useless that all the designs and content that have been made to win the hearts of readers?

Therefore, make sure that your blog is sensitive enough to carry out a number of commands requested by users. Blog page speed can also be increased by using images, video, audio or any place that has a small file capacity.

If the previous method has not been successful, you need to pay attention to the hosting you are using. Maybe what makes the process of loading your blog pages long is hosting that has problems. The hosting you use may have errors or technical errors that you don't understand.

Therefore, consider all the elements of your blog to arrive at the hosting you are using. Blog page speed actually does not have a direct effect on your score position on search engine results pages. But if not corrected, this problem can be at risk for your blog's bounce rate.

The bounce rate itself is a comparison of visitors or internet users who close blog pages after they open them. Closing blog pages in a short time can be at risk of reducing the DA and PA scores. Therefore you cannot keep your blog loaded for long.

7. Give in Social Places

It was said for a moment in one of the points above that engagement rate or social signals are very important in increasing domain authority and page authority. Therefore, if you want the content from your blog to be visited by more and more visitors, you can share it through the social media accounts that you have.

You can place your blog link in the social media account profile description, so that everyone who visits your social media account profile can click on your blog. Not only that, you can also promote it through content that you can create and upload to each existing social media to reach more visitors.

For those of you who use a blog to do business, you can also use your blog as just one way to order or buy your product. With this, every customer can often come to your blog. This problem is at risk in comparison to blog traffic. With high traffic, your blog can be considered as an active and quality blog. Therefore, your blog will have a high DA and PA score.

8. Create a Mobile Friendly Blog

Creating a mobile friendly blog means making your blog easily accessible from a mobile phone. Now, even though notebooks are electronic goods that are so important in everyday life, actually there are always more people using mobile phones. This problem is due to the small size of the cellphone and it is easy to carry anywhere.

Not only that with a small cell phone, you can always do the things you do from a notebook. Because of this, it is clear that many people can also open or search for more data on their cell phones than with notebooks. Even though many are aware, there are still blogs that don't have a mobile friendly appearance.

The intended appearance is the appearance of the blog which is easy to read even though it is opened on the user's cellphone. Have you ever opened a blog from HP that looks strange and messy? Text that only appears on a long line down, the appearance of images and videos that are very large and cannot be zoomed out, all of which you have to fix. If your blog is mobile friendly, the traffic on your blog will definitely increase. What is Domain Authority