Backlinks are still considered something very meaningful. At least most search engines still depend on these parameters.

The detection of backlinks from competitor websites makes it very easy for us to determine strategies to fight them in the search results battle.

However, for newcomers who have "moderate" capital, paid tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs are definitely not cheap options.

In this post I have the 4 best tools to monitor other web backlinks for free.

Follow the list below!

#1 Ahrefs: Free type can monitor 100 very high quality backlinks

Ahrefs is basically a premium SEO tool that agencies usually use. But they released the backlink checker which can be used for free, without registering.

One aspect that makes Ahrefs more reliable is the crawl rate or the second highest internet crawl after Google. This means that the information produced by Ahrefs is likely to be more reliable.

Key features of Ahrefs Backlink Checker include:

  • Able to see up to the top 100 backlinks
  • Anchor and top page
  • Review URLs
  • Assessment domains
  • referenced domains
  • Exact URLs / subdomains

Method to use the free version of Ahrefs Backlink Checker:

  • Off to Ahrefs Backlink Checker
  • Enter the URL
  • Click on check backlinks
  • Waiting for the results

Cons: After several attempts, I noticed that the results of the backlinks I found changed. Obviously, this is not a good feature if you want consistent results.

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#2 Ubersuggest: The best service to check free backlinks without registering

Ubersuggest is a service for you to see the backlinks of competitors' websites that are very popular. Initially this service was purely free, but now there are paid options. Free users can only monitor the top 10 backlinks.

Ubersuggest is also equipped with a clean, neat and structured appearance that makes it easier for users to identify the backlink data of a particular page, such as the type of link, the anchor text used, and how long the backlink is was indexed.

Some of the key features of Ubersuggest include:

  • Domain Score Checker
  • referenced domains
  • Number of backlinks (follow/nofollow)
  • Domain Score & Page Score
  • Export Backlink Record to CSV

The method of using Ubersuggest to see backlinks:

  • Off to Ubersuggest backlinks
  • Enter the web address
  • Choose whether you want to check all domains or certain subfolders/subdomains
  • Click Search
  • Backlink search results appear

Cons: Now the free version has limitations and you have to pay to access the full features. Nevertheless, the monthly rate is relatively cheaper than similar tools.

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#3 SEOReviewTools: Only tracks the top 100 backlinks but is very good

Backlinks are not about quantity, but quality. One quality backlink can beat a thousand standard backlinks. This sentence is true and relevant to search engines. SEOReviewTools shares a free backlink search service that displays a website's top 100 backlinks along with their scores (sourced from Ahrefs).

The appearance is very simple and far from the impression of the environment. In the backlink record, there is only link data, anchor text, nofollow / dofollow, domain rating, and number of links. You can also click directly on the park of the backlink provider to see it directly.

Although it is only up to 100 backlinks, I think this figure is very good, considering that what is displayed is the page with the highest score. When you register here, one of the differences is that there is no obligation to check captcha &, apart from that, there is no feature differentiation between anonymous and registered users.

Key Features in SEOReviewTools:

  • Ahrefs domain review
  • See the number of URLs that give backlinks
  • Showing the backlinks is very valuable

The method to use SEOReviewTools:

  • Visit SEOReviewTools: Valuable Backlink Checker
  • Enter the website address
  • Choose the option whether to show backlinks to specific pages or the entire domain
  • Click Check not a robot
  • Finally, check

Cons: There is no option to download backlink records, limited to 100 URLs, and lack of detailed backlink data.

#4 LinkMiner: Not bad for a quick check of competitors' web backlinks

LinkMiner has a catchy marketing slogan; they are proud of their 8 trillion backlink database which is actually quite a lot. But this number is actually very small compared to the total number of pages on the Internet which is in the range of 180 quadrillion (180 followed by 15 times the number 0) and continues to increase. I think the number of indexed backlinks is only a few.

Sure enough, the number of backlinks that appear on LinkMiner is less than the 2 tools I talked about earlier. Nevertheless, it is worth appreciating that this tool provides free services without the obligation to register (although it is always recommended).

LinkMiner provides in-depth backlink provider data, including score, anchor text, backlink status, and type. Registered users can see up to 100 backlinks per day along with suggestions of 50 competitor keywords.

LinkMiner Advantages:

  • Backlink data is very complete
  • Backlink page preview feature
  • Backlink status, either active or inactive

Methods to monitor backlinks with LinkMiner:

  • Visit the LinkMiner site
  • Enter the website address
  • Click on Find Backlinks
  • Observe the results

Cons: Small backlink reach and anonymous users get few features.

Those are the 4 best tools I recommend to see competitor website backlinks without paying.

Here are some frequently asked questions on this topic.

Why is the number of backlinks different in each service?

It's simple, they have procedures for indexing different backlinks. But between credible tools should not show a very striking comparison.

Not only that, some backlinks take longer to be indexed by auditing services. Even Google Search Console itself cannot practically track backlinks.

Competitor websites have bad backlinks, how can the ranking always be high?

Backlinks are just one of more than 200 factors that determine web rankings in search engines, especially Google. It could be that the website has a balance component of their bad backlinks.

On the other hand, Google admits that they can ignore spam backlinks as long as the website shares good content for users. Try to note down all the tips to quickly index Google backlinks.

How do I get backlinks from competitor websites?

Unfortunately, there is no specific method for this problem. If the backlink comes from a web directory, you can register and save your web link there.

But it will be different if the backlinks come from well-known websites or websites that are given manually.

Knowing about competitors' backlinks does not necessarily make it easy for you to get the same backlinks. All have different processes and uncertain levels of success.

Advice from me (and Google): Create high-quality content, the backlinks will come by themselves.