A domain is a name that identifies a network without using an Internet Protocol (IP) address, considering that IP usually consists of numbers that are difficult to memorize.

In the world of the Internet, a domain is one of the most important elements for creating a website, especially if it is a free domain. Domain usage is an address that makes it easier for potential visitors to understand and remember a website.

How could I not, a domain is like a home address that is used to pin a page on a website so that it can assume an IP address. Not only that, through a domain you can also create a website to create a portfolio, take advantage of an online webshop or create a web profile for your business.

It doesn't stop there, you can also create your own professional email ending with your domain name.

Before you should know, there were different types of generic top-level domains (gTLDs) that had their respective meanings, namely:

. com : generally used for commercial or industrial purposes. Price per year: IDR 145 thousand.

. org : commonly used by web organizations. Price per year: IDR 190 thousand.

. biz : usually used for business purposes. Price per year: IDR 260 thousand.

. name : can be used for individual profile web needs. Price per year: IDR 150 thousand.

. id : suitable for use if your target market is Indonesian. Price per year: IDR 250 thousand.

In addition to the price of the domain, you still need to think about the price of hosting to create a website. But there is no need to fear. If you want to try creating a website without worrying about credibility, there are several free domains that you can try.

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Free domain to create a website

Here are some free domains that you can use to create a website. These free domains come from various country code top-level domains (ccTLDs).

. thanks

Domain. tk is one of the free domains that you can use to do experiments for the web. Name. tk stands for Tokelau, a region near New Zealand. This domain is suitable for you to use as a web simulation, remember. tk seems to be less and less credible.

. ml

This free domain comes from a region in West Africa, namely Mali. Since it's free, you don't want a domain. ml has certain limitations, such as a limited amount of traffic, limited domain names, and less convincing credibility. But to use it to perform experiments on the Internet, you can still use this domain extension.

. ga

Same as Mali. Gabon also comes from the same continent, Africa, precisely from the Gabon region. The use of this domain can be paid if you use a special type of domain, namely a domain that uses few letters, so that it is easier to remember. The price tag for this particular domain is about US$6.95 per year or about IDR 100 thousand.

. cf

Name. cf stands for Central African or Central African. Just like other free domains, . cf also has certain limits. You can also buy domains. cf if you want to use a premium domain name. But if your target audience is web tourists from Indonesia, are you sure you want to buy it?

. gq

Based on data from freenom. com, a free domain originating from Equatorial Guinea (Equatorial Guinea), also offers a special domain at the same price as 3 other domain extensions, except. thanks The reason is, when other domain extensions to US $ 6.95,. tk can be more expensive.

After knowing which free domains you can use, it is a good idea to also know the advantages and disadvantages of free domains. The advantage is, of course, you don't have to think about paying bonuses for domains if you just want to try to create a website that doesn't need credibility or SEO ranking.

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You can also experiment with the free web you have for a while after the hosting you rent.

But on the other hand, there are also some disadvantages that you should stay away from. For example, it is difficult for you to gain the trust of other people if your website ends with the free domain above, so your website is not credible. Not only that, if you use a hosting service for a month, do you think that time is enough to handle the entire website?

Although it is just, the five domains can only be suitable if you use them as a web simulation. If you want to have a website that is more credible and known by Google Bot, like it or not, you need to use a paid domain.