What is a Domain
 - For those of you who have been involved in the internet world for a long time, you must have heard of the word domain. Domains cannot be separated from a website, be it an individual website or a large institutional website. So, at this time I will talk a little about the domain and some of its specifications.

What are domains?

Domain is a unique name or address given to identify the PC server address. In principle, the website could first be accessed with an IP address, but since the IP address was less instantaneous and quite difficult to remember, a unique name was used, which was then called a domain. Something easier to remember.

The main use of a domain is to make it easier for visitors to a website without having to remember the IP address of the website. All domains end with an extension like . com, . id, as well as many other domain extensions. The existing domain extensions also have different uses.

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Here I describe some of the types of domains and their types:

1. free domains

Is a free domain provided by a party that does not charge its users. So all users can create free domains.

Usually this type of domain is accompanied by a subdomain that has been set by the free domain provider.

Some examples of free domains:

blogspot. com : is a free domain provided by Blogger, a startup that is part of Google, so when you create an email on Google's Gmail service, you actually have automatic access to create a domain on Blogger. com. When you create a domain on Blogger, you also automatically get free hosting services from Blogger.

WordPress. com : is a free domain provided by wordpress.

2. Generic domains:

. com: the domain used for websites for commercial or industrial purposes.

. edu: the domain used by websites dedicated to education

. org: the domain used by websites specific to organizations.

. biz: the domain used by the business website.

3. Sponsored domains:

. Asia: used by websites in the Asian region.

. id: the domain used by the website in the territory of Indonesia

. gov: the domain used by government websites.

. mil: the domain used by websites for military authority.

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In the past, before the internet world was as busy as it is now, there was free domain registration. But only until 1995. After that, there are no free domain programs for extensions that are currently paid for.

Even with domain names with only 3 letters, they are also no longer available on any hosting website anywhere in the world.

So a brief explanation of the domain and some of its specifications. Hopefully it can add insight to you.