What is an expedition? The following is a brief explanation of the meaning of expedition according to complete experts along with how it works and examples.


Along with the changes in the shopping style of modern society by using an online system, making goods delivery services have also emerged a lot. With this delivery service, it certainly makes it easier for sellers to be able to send goods to consumers. Be it shipping within the city, outside the city, within the province, outside the island to abroad.

The freight forwarding service itself is a company engaged in the delivery of goods. The delivery occurs due to a need to move goods from one place to another. While the shipping method itself uses means of transportation, can be by air, land or by sea.


Expedition Is


An expedition is a person or company that takes care of shipping for an individual or company to move goods from a factory or manufacturer to a market, customer, or final distribution point. The freight service manager has a contract with one or several carriers to move the goods.


How Expeditions Work


With the above understandings, we can conclude that expedition services are companies engaged in the delivery of goods, either by land, waterway or air route and provide services effectively and efficiently to meet customer satisfaction who will send their goods.


Surabaya Banjarmasin Expedition

Here's how it works within your shipping company


1. Goods/Products to be shipped


This is the first in the way the delivery company works, because in the absence of goods to be sent the company will not be able to run. But of course, the goods to be sent must comply with the company's regulations and not be included in the goods that violate the law.


2. Packing or packing goods


To ensure the safety of the goods sent without any damage, the method or type of packaging of the goods will greatly affect the goods to be sent. However, there are some items that will be of particular concern are types of glassware, liquid items or food that are easy to rot, because in certain cases there are some companies that do not want to accept these goods if they are not packed in a good condition.


3. Administration of documents


The document here is the handling of administrative papers from customs or from other related parties. This is where usually the freight forwarding service company will take care of all the administrative needs of the necessary documents.


Expedition Examples


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