Multi-storey buildings have a very mature design starting from the design, structure, and workmanship. To strengthen the building, it is necessary to add reinforcement to the concrete. Without reinforcement, concrete will be difficult to withstand transverse forces caused by earthquakes, wind, etc.

Every component of construction in buildings, especially construction, dromesh iron properties are one of the building materials that must be present because their use affects the durability of a building. Wiremesh iron is a series of iron or commonly referred to as sub iron. The term woven iron is attached to the wire mesh iron because it can be seen from the shape of the iron like a pattern that is arranged and connected with a welding technique so that it can be tied and spliced perfectly.

What Is Wiremesh

Wiremesh iron is iron that looks like wire and is wrapped in sheets. In Indonesia wiremesh is better known as wire or woven iron. This is because the shape is checkered which resembles the selected wire or iron.

Wiremesh Steel Distributor in Surabaya

The selection of building materials for each development plan, of course, you will definitely choose the best quality, because every selection of quality materials will certainly affect the durability and safety of the construction. This also applies to the selection of wire mesh in your construction.

There are many benefits of using wiremesh for the construction of your home including; Improving the quality and accuracy of concrete reinforcement, sending wire mesh is easier because the material is in the form of rolls, the process of stretching concrete reinforcement is considered shorter, because the work can only be done by rolling the wire mesh without having to reassemble it from scratch, and is able to improve the quality and accuracy of concrete reinforcement in construction.

The thing to note before using wiremesh is that it has a width of 2.1m and a length of 5.4-54m. Therefore, this wire mesh is only for concrete reinforcement that is wide / flat in shape. Examples include floors, roads, walls, fences, bridges, etc. The diameter of the wiremesh varies from 4-12mm, so the diameter adjusts to the load that concrete receives. For a guarantee of wiremesh strength, look for wiremesh manufactured by machine.

Tips for Choosing Wiremesh Iron – If you want to use wiremesh iron, it's a good idea to choose a type of iron that has good quality. Here are some tips in choosing iron wire mesh to ensure the quality of the construction produced according to the desired specifications:

Know the wiremesh size you need

The first step you need to take is to figure out the size of the iron wiremesh you need. Also pay attention to the size of the diameter of the wire, which you will later use more carefully.

Choose a stainless steel wiremesh and clean

Wiremesh iron is a type of iron construction material that is very prone to rust. So you have to be careful in choosing quality wiremash iron,

Do not underestimate the appearance of rusty iron, even if the size of the rust is only a little bit. Over time, rust will spread to all parts of the wire mesh itself, so the quality of the iron will decrease, and over time it will break and break. 

Quality Wiremesh Using Automatic Welding System 

There are many unscrupulous wiremesh manufacturers, namely by selling poor quality wiremesh. Usually this is due to the use of manual welding systems. So, you need to be more careful in choosing a quality wire mesh iron, that is, iron welded with automatic welding. 

The display of the results of the iron is welded with a manual system and an automatic system. The iron woven structure of the wire mesh welded by the manual system is usually messier, and the distance between the webbing is also less regular. 

Wiremesh iron that uses an automatic welding system tends to look cleaner, stronger and the distance between webbing is neat 

Advantages of Wiremesh Iron 

The advantages that wiremesh does not have are that the material is not too long so it does not take up space, is easier to store and easier to ship. In addition, because the wire mesh has a precise size and does not need to be assembled, the installation process is faster and also more convenient. 

Wiremesh Iron Price 

Latest Wiremesh Iron Price 2023 Various Sizes. The type of wire mesh used for concrete construction is a series of iron rods that are spliced so that they do not need to be woven again. Wiremesh is easier to install and the installation process is faster, saving costs compared to manual reinforced concrete. (Selling Iron Wiremash)