Appearing on the first page of Google with certain keywords is the dream of every website manager, especially for those who have a website for commercial purposes or seek a lot of traffic for certain interests.

Due to the desire to be on the first page of Google, many website managers hire professional SEO services even if they have to shell out tens of millions of rupiah.

This makes bloggers who have no capital never dare to try to rank first with high search volume keywords, some are even quite satisfied with only 2 or 3, although they only take on lower search level keywords.

For this reason, your website efforts will appear on the first page of Google, like it or not, those of you who have little capital need to learn SEO. The problem is, SEO itself, in most articles on the Internet, is quite difficult to practice. Although the only SEO method that always remains reliable is to make "many backlinks".

It has been a long time since the use of backlinks was very popular and proved successful in influencing search results, which is why backlink services are still in many blogger forums.

What needs to be considered here, no matter how many backlinks you make, you still need to pay attention to the quality of each link that enters your website.

One way to monitor every linked link on your website is to use the ahrefs service, which provides weekly periodic reports on incoming links and broken links in the past week. Although this service should be paid for, there are several ways to become a free member.

For the free version you can use the screen backlink service from, a trial version is available which you can enjoy for free although it is limited.

In the past, the number of backlinks was used as a determinant of website ranking in search engines, but now it does not necessarily affect it. Quality backlinks from trusted sites are preferred by Google to be chosen to rank first on its page.

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For example, a website that receives backlinks from 1000 websites with low authority will usually fall out of the SERP, and it will be a heavy load that will not keep your website on the top page of searches.

On the other hand, backlinks from active networks, especially those that have a good reputation in the eyes of Google, such as Microsoft, Medium and Wikipedia, will have more influence in raising the ranking of your site to the top of the page.

Backlinks are called quality if they are active links placed on other sites on the page of content articles, followed by Google robots during the process of crawling your site. It's like any other recommended site.

This is what is called that a website does not need to get as many backlinks as possible, because in modern SEO inbound links that come in very quickly at the same time are actually considered spam links. Spam links will negatively affect your site's SEO reputation in the future.

Regardless of the quality or not of the backlinks, finding backlinks is not a difficult thing, you can comment when you give hyperlinks, submit sites to social site link services, buy cheap backlink services, use backlink creation services, etc. Just pay attention to the volume so it doesn't get marked as spam by Google.

Here I am sharing a list of websites that can generate thousands of backlinks to your site with just one click, some of the list are sites that were very popular in the past. Most of the types of backlinks you get are redirect types.

The method is quite simple, just enter your website address and press the "Get Backlink" button then the system will automatically run to generate thousands of backlinks to your website.

You can try it on the free backlink generator site below:

Use it wisely, and don't use it to discredit competitor blogs due to negative SEO and unethical behavior.

1. is a free PR backlink generator that can generate more than 100 high quality backlinks for free. This site is classified as safe. This site is used for new websites to get backlinks from PageRank 2 websites in a fairly quick time (usually within 1-2 months).

You can get high quality backlinks to your website for free. Just enter your website URL, wait a while, then this free backlink site will do everything by itself.

With the help of this website you can get free backlinks. By getting the services of this website, your website will gradually reach an extraordinary level of popularity and search engine rankings.

It doesn't take much longer to generate backlinks and you can get great results. Real backlinks sites provide useful, high-quality links to your business site. Free link generator adds different types of websites automatically.

Note: On this website, all backlinks are promised to be safe and of high quality


There are many ways to get quality paid backlinks. But many of these paid backlinks are not permanent. This can make it difficult for you to get a good backlink service or program.


Http:// will submit your URL to 11,539 different sites that will automatically give you a free backlink. All these sites are then compiled into a comprehensive list, and this free tool automates the entire process for your website.

This website includes a free website listing service, site statistics and site reports with custom URLs.

Backlink Builder processes the entire listing, entering your URL on each website and checking the status to make sure your site is listed.

This tool is SPAM free, and does not contain adult or illegal sites. So you don't have to worry about your link appearing on unwanted websites.

3. offers high PR dofollow free backlinks to almost 100 high level SEO related test and analysis sites. After creating the backlink, it is tested for the connectivity of each site on Google.


Like the domain name, this free backlink site promises up to two thousand backlinks fast and free


This backlink site is said to be able to create backlinks to 25,000 websites that rank high in the eyes of search engines

Amazingly, your websites will be indexed in just 24 hours.


Enter your website name and then press the submit button it will automatically generate backlinks from 25+ websites. These sites are all linked to Domain Checker so you usually have a link from that site.


In this free backlink website you need to register first before using it to get backlinks.

8. will automatically test your links/URLs for connectivity to over 2,400 different websites. A large number of websites accept free listings, and this information has mainly included information about website statistics, results, business listings and directories.


See the importance of high-quality backlinks for SEO. Can use this Free Backlink Generator site to create lots of high quality backlinks in seconds. Enter the URL of the site and click "Create Backlink".


Submit your website for direct backlinks

There are several ways to get quality paid backlinks. But many of those paid backlinks are not permanent. This can make it difficult for you to find a good backlink service or program. But at BacklinkGenerator.Net the best backlink generator software has been provided which will give you 325 backlinks.


BackLinkr is automatically capable of generating thousands of high-quality backlinks for your website pages for free!

Here only create backlinks to websites that are created and frequently crawled by search engines, helps SEO quickly and increases the ranking of your websites on all search engines.


This tool is able to create a page about your website for everyone on this website, creating over 1,800 different pages in some cases with backlinks pointing to your website.

Some of them are dofollow backlinks and some are nofollow backlinks, but the bottom line is that these are quality websites that Google and other SEs crawl, so your pages and backlinks / URLs on these sites will be found in yours. Your website will get backlinks and your mentions will be frequently visited and indexed by Googlebot and many other search engine robots like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc.

13. 100 downloads. xyz

Here you can get 71 backlinks from Edu and Govt in seconds. there are 71 gov and edu sites that provide free dofollow backlinks from redirects and page exits.

Backlinking to Gov and Edu is not easy, but with this tool it is easy to do. This is a free website backlink generator that generates backlinks from various government and edu websites.

This online backlink generator tool is known for its building quality and genuine backlinks.

To use, simply enter your website URL in the box above and click "Generate Backlinks" then scroll down and all 71 new incoming links will appear below - then open: Pinger URL and test your new backlink connection until it is captured by the search engine become

14. is a multi-URL, multi-transmission service. This will submit your URL to many web crawlers/spiders and speed up the time it takes to register and be indexed in search engines. makes various URL submissions in three categories: pseudo search engines, XML-RPC ping services, and pseudo backlinks.

Pseudo Search Engine Submission: This will enter your URL into the search bar of the associated search engine. Typically, these entries are stored in an internal database and then evaluated. Providing a direct URL increases your chances of your site being noticed and then crawled by spiders.

Provides XML-RPC Ping Service: Send your URL directly to a comprehensive list of blog listing services that track the current environment of the web environment. XML-RPC submission increases your chances of being tracked and noticed by essential services, thereby speeding up the indexing of your content.

Fake Backlink Submission: Make simple search queries on websites related to internet services such as information, statistics or via whois domains via your URL. After submission, the URL is usually added to an internal database that is searched by search spiders for a short period of time.


This quick indexer will submit your URL to many statistical sites. These pages then give value to your URL and also provide a backlink to your website. This fast indexer will submit your URL to 15000+ websites which will give you lots of one way backlinks and your URL will be indexed by Google fast!


This site will submit your website URL to 245 different websites which in turn will provide a free backlink to your website. Each of these websites has been compiled and validated in a master list, and the tool then automates the entire process for you.

This tool is guaranteed to be free of backlink spam, and does not contain adult or illegal sites. So you don't have to worry about your link appearing on unwanted websites.

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This is a great website to submit your site to high public relations sites where you can get high authority backlinks. Unlike other backlink generators, this tool always generates backlinks on official websites, which means no spam. Apart from creating backlinks to your website, this tool also helps to index it properly in the search engines.

So, here is a list of free backlink provider sites that have been proven successful. It's just that this is a bit risky for SEO but using it occasionally is of course okay as long as it's not done excessively.