For those of you who are new to using SEO services for business websites, the use of backlink services is something that cannot be ignored. Backlink services have a great influence on keyword positions and web traffic.

In the following we will try to fully explain why you need backlink services for your web SEO.

What are Backlinks

The term backlinks often comes up when talking about SEO. Why is this something important in SEO, and what is a backlink?

Backlink is a link placed on a website/web that leads to your website or website. SEO service activities build backlinks known as link building.

With backlinks, you can use it as a reference to make it easier for users or as a method of optimization, so that the website is more popular and gets the best ranking on search engines.

In terms of usefulness, backlinks are divided into dofollow and nofollow. The type of dofollow backlink is more selected because it is more valuable in the eyes of search engines. Meanwhile, nofollow is less popular because it has no significant value for the website.

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Why You Need Backlink Services

Today, many people understand that they need backlink services to increase traffic and web rankings in search engines. If you may not understand why backlinks are important, here are some points about the benefits of using backlinks for your SEO SEO.

Google will find your website through backlinks

The simplest explanation why you need backlinks is because this way Google can create your website. Google will always crawl to find websites that are most relevant to its users.

The Google engine uses backlinks to find new pages. Then crawl the page, then put it in Google's index.

Therefore, the more backlinks you have, the easier it is for Google to find your website.

Protecting the reputation of the web on Google

Google always tries to share the best search results for its users. The Google search engine refers more well-known websites. How does Google's method calculate whether a page is popular or not? Google considers the popularity of a website from backlinks.

The more quality backlinks pointing to your website, the more popular your website will be considered by Google

Increase website credibility

Google does not only consider the backlinks in terms of quantity, but more about quality and relevance. Relevant backlinks are backlinks received from websites or websites with relevant niches.

It means? For example, your business website is a smartphone website, then backlinks that are considered relevant are websites or websites that talk about technology. This is how the website is said to be credible by Google.

Increase website traffic

The more quality backlinks you have, the better the value of your website automatically in the eyes of Google. Google gives the best ranking for your website.

If the web gets a good ranking, it offers a chance to generate huge traffic. In addition to traffic from organic search, you can also get traffic from websites or websites that provide backlinks.

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Types of backlinks

Backlinks have many types, here are the types of backlinks you need to know:

Guest Post Backlinks: Intertwined because you write guest posts for other websites. This will help you build credibility and trust in your website.

Editorial Backlinks: Natural backlinks from other websites to your website and quality content in various forms, such as situations, references and data sources.

Comment Backlinks: Intertwined when you include backlinks in comments in other website content. If not used too often, this type of link can generate a lot of traffic.

Do-follow Backlinks: Dofollow-backlinks tell search engines to evaluate the backlinks for their SEO scores.

No-follow Backlinks: Nofollow backlinks tell search engines to ignore these backlinks and not count them in their SEO score.

Guide to finding backlinks

There are several ways you can go about getting backlinks. If you are interested in giving it a try, here are some strategies you can try.

Create compelling content

Content is a particular strength of the website, even if you use backlinks. Make sure that the content on your website is complete and able to respond to all the needs of the audience. Your web content should be able to provide solutions to readers.

That way, they don't hesitate to share your post content widely both on social media and on websites. Not only that, the content must also be unique, what's the trick? The trick is to create content that many people haven't had time for or haven't created yet.

You can ask for SEO post writing services to help you present content that is fresh and meets SEO standards.

Use content sharing platforms

Examples of content sharing platforms that can be used are Medium, Hipwee, VIVA Web, Reddit, Slide Share, Kompasiana. This platform can be used to place our web link. You can make posts that are still related to reviews with the web link you want to enter. This way you will get backlinks from content sharing.

Use Backlink Services

If you may not have enough time and resources to create backlinks, using backlink services is a quick and appropriate solution.

In fact, backlink services already understand SEO well, so they really understand the ins and outs of backlinks. It doesn't stop there, they also need to understand what tools need to be used to improve quality or get backlinks.

Generally, backlink services are provided by SEO service providers that are planned for those of you who want their business to get the best ranking on search engines. The trick is to practice link building on SEO that has been implemented.