As previously learned, backlinks are an important part of website optimization for search engines. Quality backlinks are preferred by search engines. To make it easier to create link building, it is best if we first get to know the backlinks by type.

Based on the type, the backlinks are divided into 2 types, namely DoFollow Backlinks and NoFollow Backlinks.

The following is a short explanation that I will try to describe so that it is easy to understand.

What are DoFollow Backlinks

In accordance with the constituent words, DoFollow backlinks come from the words "Do" and "Follow" in English, which, when interpreted literally, mean "follow". If there is a link in an article post to another page with a Dofollow backlink type, then the website that provides Dofollow backlinks will immediately follow the link to its roots.

So, if a search engine performs a crawl or crawl process on a post that has a dofollow backlink, the link is automatically exposed to the search engine's crawl, because the crawl process is carried out thoroughly in the article without exception.

For this reason, dofollow backlinks are very popular and are often used by website managers, both professionals and bloggers. Dofollow backlinks have proven to be quite significant in helping to increase a website's position in search engines.

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Benefits of DoFollow Backlinks

Among the benefits of dofollow backlinks are:

As a directory and long-term backlink resource

If your website is successful in getting on the first page, it naturally becomes a source of quality links in the long run, because your website is often visited by information seekers after the data on your website. This can be obtained by having high-quality backlinks that become directories that help drive traffic to your website.

Get referral traffic

Because dofollow backlinks are original links from your permalink of your website, of course, dofollow backlinks are easier and faster to increase your website traffic.

Speed ​​up the indexing process

Dofollow backlinks are the fastest type of backlink indexed by Google due to their "do" nature, so Google will prioritize your website and the effect will increase your website ranking in search engines.

Increase site credibility

Usually, someone who visits and reads your article on another website and sees your website link listed as one of the references or sources, there is an opportunity to get the link to find out more about the source website. This hall is called a relationship between quality websites and increases the credibility of your website.

Building blog authority

Getting dofollow backlinks from popular sites is very good for SEO. However, this must also be balanced with the quality of the content on your site. This also helps establish your site as an information resource, and can lead to sites linking to your content, which of course gives you dofollow backlinks, which Google loves.

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What are NoFollow Backlinks

The second type of backlinks are nofollow backlinks. From the meaning of the constituent words, nofollow backlinks, which consists of the words "no" and "follow" means "do not follow. From the meaning of the language alone, we can understand that nofollow backlinks in articles when they are crawled, they will not be indexed by search engines.

However, this does not mean nofollow backlinks are not good for your website. Nofollow backlinks will be a counter to dofollow backlinks, because if there are too many of them on a website, Google can consider them as spam and it will be difficult for your website to compete in search engines.

Benefits of Nofollow Backlinks

Among the benefits of nofollow backlinks are:

Reduce spam on blogs

With nofollow backlinks, your website is protected from the amount of spam that can affect the quality of a blog.

Some of the uses of nofollow backlinks that we often make are:

  • Comment links
  • Links to unreliable sites
  • Review links
  • Affiliate links

Make backlinks of course

You must know that Google prefers manual search on search engines rather than through dofollow backlinks because they are natural backlinks.

Increase Brand Power

If someone reads your website content on another website, you can quickly identify searchable backlinks in that content. and when visitors see your brand name linked in content on one of the major sites, this will naturally increase the power of your brand.

Backlinker friends, So a brief explanation of the 2 types of backlinks, namely dofollow backlinks and nofollow backlinks along with their respective benefits. The two of them will balance each other to help your website reach the highest position in the search engines.

But always remember that the main focus of the backlinks is to increase the organic search position of the blog, but that does not necessarily make it the only factor that we can benefit from. Because backlinks also play a very important role in brand development.