Backlinkers ~ In the previous article we discussed the meaning and benefits of Dofollow Backlinks and Nofollow Backlinks.

For this reason, we will now try to explain to better understand how the implementation and writing code structure differentiates between the two types of backlinks.

Dofollow and Nofollow Rail Tag URLs

For the structure of the dofollow link HTML code, it is actually automatic if you use the same Blogger and WordPress platforms, so you do not need to build it on the HTML structure.

Example of Dofollow Backlinks:

<a href=”Enter url” rel=”Dofollow”>TEXT</a>

Example of Nofollow Backlinks:

<a href=”Enter url” rel=”Nofollow”>TEXT</a>

So, if you want to create links or links in your articles that point to other people's websites, enter as many outbound links or backlinks as possible with the Nofollow link tag type. Because these backlinks can have an impact on your website.

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But if you have a cooperation agreement with the owner of the website, so that you provide dofollow links that are mutually beneficial, then this is not a problem. Because even if seen from the appearance of articles on a website there is really no difference between the two, but from the eyes of a crawler robot the two have differences. And of course they both work as the same link, namely directing visitors to our website.

From the short explanation above, you can conclude that dofollow backlinks are links that are worth on search engines. Meanwhile, nofollow backlinks have no value at all in the eyes of search engines. Make no mistake though, both still have great benefits for a website and they need to balance each other out.

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How about you backlinkers, the difference and the application to use dofollow backlinks and nofollow backlinks described above is very simple and easy to understand, right? From this explanation, more or less now you know what types of backlinks are influential in the eyes of search engines.

For backlinker friends who need further clarification, you can write in the comments, and if anyone has more knowledge or more information about this explanation, you can also share in the comments.

Greetings backlinkers, I hope this article is useful