7 Quick Ways to Learn SEO for Beginners
7 Quick Ways to Learn SEO for Beginners

Do you want to learn SEO? But still don't know how to quickly understand beginner SEO techniques? Rest! Here you will learn how to quickly master search engine optimization techniques.

Here is how you can quickly understand and learn about search engine optimization. You will learn about the basics of SEO for beginners, which you will develop again after reading this article about the basics of SEO for beginners. So what are the quick ways to learn SEO for beginners?

1. Understand SEO Fundamentals

The first way to learn to understand SEO is to know SEO fundamentals or the basics of SEO. By understanding the basics of SEO, it will be easier for you to understand search engine optimization. So you should know about the basics of SEO, what are the basics of SEO?

a. SEO Basic Concepts

The essence of SEO is how to be the best for the keywords you want. How to be the best of other websites?

Of course, when you search for information on the Internet, you search for websites that are relevant to the information you are looking for. From here you can think about what users are looking for when they visit your website.

The articles you write must be relevant or relevant to the keywords you want. So what must be considered to make our website the best?

From the short explanation above, the basic concept of SEO includes:

  1. Content delivery speed. Readers want a fast content presentation, so make sure your website uses a special server that has the best performance and can serve content faster and the server can send more data to make it easier to be indexed by Google.
  2. Content presented, here content becomes the basis and core of SEO. Articles must be relevant and in line with the targeted keywords. And of course, the presented content is of high quality for users who read it.
  3. Structure and Navigation, Website structure and navigation must be clear because this is the main part or the basic concept of SEO that must be applied. A clear structure and navigation will make it easier for Google to crawl your website.
  4. User satisfaction, User satisfaction is one of the things that can judge whether your website is of good quality or not. Therefore, customer satisfaction and user experience must be considered.
  5. Popularity, Popularity does not need to be explained in more detail because Mimin is sure that you already understand the meaning of website popularity.

b. On-page SEO

For those of you who want to learn SEO for beginners, you need to understand on-page SEO. Seo OnPage is search engine optimization that is on the website/blog that is done internally. It can be interpreted that Onpage SEO is a website optimization method that is directly related to the optimized website.

Onpage SEO itself includes:

  1. Server, server or hosting is one of the things that must be taken into account, because it is the most important thing to measure the effectiveness of onpage SEO. Make sure you use a server that is optimized to handle the needs of high traffic loads of readers, such as using VPS X for media portals, which have been proven to handle millions of traffic and send the latest content faster to Google, so that website content is indexed faster by search engines.
  2. CMS platform, The selection of a CMS platform is also one of the things that must be considered. Recommendations for you, you should use the WordPress CMS, because learning WordPress SEO is easier and this CMS is easier to optimize. You can also use WordPress as the Best Ecommerce CMS.
  3. Content, content also includes the basis of SEO, content is also the core of the quality and SEO of your website. It is best to understand SEO techniques, you must first understand how to make quality articles.
  4. Site Navigation & Structure, Same with Content, Navigation or the Basics of Seo. You can analyze the structure of your website on Google's website data structure check tool to assess the structure of your site.
  5. Speed ​​loading, Website speed is one of the important points to support content to be accessed faster. For this reason, make sure you use VPS X for media portals so that your website content can be processed faster and is proven to make websites faster even when accessing millions of content reader traffic. To increase the speed of your website. You can do the Google load speed test.

c. Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is optimization on external factors that are not directly related to the website. So Off Page SEO is the opposite of On Page SEO which is optimization from inside the website.

From here you will definitely understand the difference between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. So what is off-page SEO?

  1. Link Building, Link building is a quite popular SEO technique, a website optimization technique by creating external links from other websites to your blog. Link building is also commonly referred to as backlinks.
  2. Social signal, social signal or social sharing is website optimization by sharing on social media to bring visitors. This method is easy to implement for those of you who are still learning SEO for beginners. Because you don't need to bother to optimize your website extensively.
  3. Branding, Mimin is sure that if you already understand branding, then an easy way to learn this SEO technique is how to create brand awareness in the services or products you offer. From there you can easily improve your website branding.

d. Keyword research

Keyword research is something that needs to be understood and it is mandatory for beginners to learn SEO. Keyword research is your main key to getting traffic to your website.

Keyword research is a way to find out if a keyword has a lot of searches or not and to find out how competitive the keyword search is, if the competition is low or high.

The higher the keyword competition, the more difficult it is to conquer to be on page one, so you can know which keywords to use when creating an article.

Now, if you don't think about keyword research, then you can just make articles on topics where there are no searchers or low search volume. You must be surprised even if the article you wrote was ranked 1 but the results got no traffic. You must be asking why? This is why keyword research is so important.

For keyword research you can use free tools from Neil Patel which are powerful and of course free. You can visit Neil Patel's Ubersuggest site.

You can also find keyword ideas on these keyword research tools. You can go to the keyword ideas page via the menu. There you will find some keyword ideas that you can use.

e. Content marketing

Content marketing is a marketing effort that aims to provide benefits to users with the goal of increasing brand awareness or making users more familiar with your business.

Content marketing is not much different from SEO, so you can learn the implementation of SEO and content marketing.

To master content marketing, you need to understand how to create quality content for users. This is the core of content marketing.

So what is the content marketing section:

  1. Priority content quality, you must prioritize content quality, The quality of this content includes the relevance of the title and content, information provided, etc. Now you can create content that users love.
  2. The amount of content is not too important, Surely you feel that the quantity and quality of the content are reversed. Therefore, prioritize the quality and quantity of content. There are many content creators who focus on quantity to the detriment of quality.
  3. Focus on the content that you create, Focus on the content that you create so that you can more easily create quality content. Stay focused on your goal of creating content.
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2. Know the SEO learning rules

The rules of studying SEO are 80% practice & 20% study. These regulations require you to practice more than learn SEO.

How come? You will surely ask why you need to practice more than study.

If you do more practice, you will know better which SEO methods or techniques are easy for you to understand. Or you can know more about how to implement SEO and how to learn SEO easily.

More practice will create a feeling that will help you understand more easily what SEO is and how it works.

This way you can understand SEO faster. If you started to understand SEO through practice, all you have to do is learn new SEO knowledge, and you still have more practice than theory.

3. Learn SEO from the experts

To learn SEO quickly, you need to learn from an expert, by studying with an expert you can understand more easily because you will be guided and told about search engine optimization methods and techniques. That is the reason why you should learn from the experts.

4. Improve the SEO learning process

Improve the learning process without looking for methodological shortcuts. From here you need to know which SEO learning process is lacking in you. Don't do methodology or seek the truth of your wrong learning process.

Don't focus on just one SEO technique, forgetting that there are still many techniques to learn. For example, if you are learning SEO offpage about link building, if you focus on a technique that takes a really long time, your learning process will take longer. That's why you have to be smart to identify.

Of course, you need to understand and identify the learning process you are using, which one should be replaced or which one should be replaced.

If you apply this you can understand SEO for beginners more easily. Since SEO techniques are broad, therefore the process of cutting the process of studying SEO improves.

5. Focus on the SEO techniques you are working on

Currently, there are many different ways to work with SEO. Between SEO Expert A and SEO Expert B, they have different ways to learn SEO. So from here you should be able to focus on the SEO techniques you are working on.

Remember that SEO techniques are very broad, so choose SEO techniques that you think are easy to implement and understand.

Don't let it be that when you are halfway through understanding SEO, you change SEO techniques because you are learning other SEO techniques. This will make you more confused later when you understand SEO.

After you find an SEO technique that you think is good, just focus on learning SEO for beginners that you think is best. From here you can understand SEO faster.

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6. Diligently learn and practice SEO

So that you learn SEO quickly, you can be more diligent in learning and practicing SEO, so you can understand SEO faster.

For those of you who want to understand more quickly about beginner SEO, you can study and practice SEO more diligently. Of course, according to the SEO learning rules above, namely 80% practice and 20% study.

Don't let the moment you start to feel like you don't understand SEO, you give up. Stay diligent in understanding and practicing SEO techniques.

7. Know that SEO takes patience

Remember! SEO cannot be instant, therefore to learn SEO you need to have patience. Not everything we practice will show immediate results but requires a process.

For example, regarding link building, link building certainly takes a lot of time to bring results. Just like a website, develop your website first before your website has a lot of traffic.

Don't feel that what you are doing is a mistake because you are not getting results for everything you are learning. Remember that SEO takes a process.